Monday, 9 March 2015


As a cityscape country, Singapore is quite well known for it's modern and abstract architecture, with a touch of avant garde. But as I (rather ashamedly) took on the role of a tourist in the country I've practically lived my whole life in, I realized there are little pockets of old colonial architecture that hasn't yet been obliterated by skyscrapers, apartment buildings and the like.  This place, Victoria Concert Hall, is one of them. Granted the building has just been restored, but the architecture is still in place. 

I haven't been to this place since my choir days in primary and secondary school, circa 2003 to 2010 when we used to practice for days and weekends on end in preparation for the annual Singapore Youth Festival competitions, or for performances we were going to. I distinctly remember the dressing rooms had mirrors with light bulbs in front of it - old Hollywood glamour esque - and nine-year-old me was probably more excited about those grimy backstage mirrors than the actual performance. 

There is something rather enthralling about high ceilings and clean walls that stimulates thought - though I think it is more of the space than anything else. So bear with me as I spew my two cents worth. Living in a sardine can, it's pretty hard to find such quiet and clean space in which you can just take some time for yourself to reflect and breathe. Every day is a race of finishing work, doing things, running errands - trying desperately to get somewhere or something done - that we are constantly living in the future instead of the present. I don't mean to say the future isn't important, but it's a right shame we too often neglect the present; we live in it. 

P.S: Spot my new baby, featured in more posts to come! 

Bug Print Top ZARA | Textured Midi Skirt Topshop | Prada Mini Alma in Chrome

Photography by Edward - check him out!

- R  


  1. You look adorable and I love your skirt!! Oh, I am sucker for full skirts...

    1. Thank you! I didn't get into full skirts until recently, but after trying on my first one - let's just say I am a convert for life. :P

      x R

  2. Amazing photos and what a great skirt. Love the whole look especially your lipstick.