Monday, 30 March 2015

Banking On The Basics

I'll be frank with you, I am thoroughly not an early 'LET'S GET EVERYTHING DONE' morning kind of person. Say hello to your next-door night owl whose optimal functioning hours start from midnight and onward. As such, the waking demands of  a typical nine-to-six job don't sit very well with my notorious nocturnal tendencies, which have resulted in many a day of oversnoozing and blatantly sleeping through alarms. You can imagine how that would put my morning routine into absolute chaos. I am all too familiar with trying to wash my face and brush my teeth at the same time, having an eyelash curler in my right hand and trying to apply blush with the left (which did end badly), or precariously hopping around on one foot as I try to simultaneously gather my things and put on some socks.  I mean, there's no one there to witness my morning mishaps, thank god, but I'm sure they look pretty funny. 

As I more or less embrace the ups and downs of working life, I also find my wardrobe transitioning more into the muted hues of whites, blacks and the occasional pastel, just because a whole wardrobe of basics is so much easier to match when you have the, for me, maybe not-so, occasional morning mishap. This post documents the essence of my go-to basic pieces whenever I'm in a time crunch and can trust will match, no matter which pieces my hands touch first.

Gents, you have it easy - slip on any office dress code appropriate shirt and pants and you're pretty much ready to go. I'm not too sure if anyone would notice if you wore the same white shirt three days in a row, though if you start to smell, I'm quite sure I would. And no, copious amounts of deodorant is most definitely not a shower replacement. 

So to all the ladies, here's my take on the closet basics that you need to invest in: A pair of nude heels, a fun coloured minimalist bag, a shift dress that is work appropriate or can be glam-ed up for a night out after, and since I've never been one to be frugal with the sparkles - a versatile statement necklace. 

So everyone, pray tell, what are the basics you can't live without? I mean, besides coffee, of course. 


Photography by the talented Randy Tan - Also on Instagram and Facebook

- R 


  1. These shots are amazing Rachel. You look so regal and classy in this environment! Love love love! Definitely want to make a trip to this place when we visit Singapore. You have opened my eyes to the amazing photo opportunities in Singapore!

    x Val