Sunday, 3 May 2015

Blanc et Rose

For some reason, my mind has been quite the mess as of late. 

It was very challenging trying to pick out an outfit for this location - none of them really sat quite right with my inner fashion critic. All the pieces I put together looked a tad gauche when matched with the high ceilings and slate coloured shutters. To my surprise, it was in one of the most unexpected places from which I drew inspiration and assembled this getup, ironically, in a matter of minutes - my mom. I usually never borrow anything from her; her style is markedly different than mine. I know not what possessed me to decide to have a look in her closet, but it was in those two minutes that my outfit woes came to a sudden close.

If you're a seasoned reader, first of all, thank you. Second of all, you'll know that there was a point back in time where I completely refused to be dressed in any form of all white, nude toned outfit - much less a midi skirt, the horror. As such, this colour palette of white, blush tones, and just a splash of black is probably the antithesis of my style circa 2012.

Not only was this outfit hard to put together, writing for it was also ridiculously hard for some reason. Believe it or not. I've spent the last two weeks, dusting out the far corners of my rather fried brain, frantically trying to wring out any last dredges of literary inspiration. It has been drafted, re-drafted, scrapped, rewritten more times than I can remember. A couple nights ago I went out on a last minute meeting with a long-time friend, which I was actually planning on postponing due to other commitments, but ended up not doing so. Said friend and I don't talk much, save for our meetings which are few and far between. But as we got talking, the conversation of the night was what got my creative juices flowing. And here I am the next day, words bursting out of me faster than I can type, and too much than appropriate for one blogpost. 

So what exactly, is the point of me rambling on about how this post came to be, you ask? I can hear the thought bubbles hovering above your heads: " I honestly can't be bothered about how you put this together, much less how you had a writers block and dumbly resolved it by engaging in social interaction. I just kind of want to laugh at what derp faces you have for me in this post. "

My point is this: Serendipity happens. Those of you who know me in real life will know I'm a right cynic about the way the world works and the way in which good things come into fruition. But the past month has just been filled with constant reminders that little good things will come to you, even if you don't think they will. Like finding the fifty dollars I thought I lost while very reluctantly cleaning my room, or meeting an amazing person at an event I was rather dismissive of and only decided to go to five minutes before my dad left for it. To loosely quote Mitch Albom - miracles happen quietly every day. 

White Crochet Midi Skirt similar here | White Chiffon Crop Top; Vintage | MiuMiu bowler bag

Photos by the talented Randy Tan of Lovelens. Find them on Instagram and Facebook

- R 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Banking On The Basics

I'll be frank with you, I am thoroughly not an early 'LET'S GET EVERYTHING DONE' morning kind of person. Say hello to your next-door night owl whose optimal functioning hours start from midnight and onward. As such, the waking demands of  a typical nine-to-six job don't sit very well with my notorious nocturnal tendencies, which have resulted in many a day of oversnoozing and blatantly sleeping through alarms. You can imagine how that would put my morning routine into absolute chaos. I am all too familiar with trying to wash my face and brush my teeth at the same time, having an eyelash curler in my right hand and trying to apply blush with the left (which did end badly), or precariously hopping around on one foot as I try to simultaneously gather my things and put on some socks.  I mean, there's no one there to witness my morning mishaps, thank god, but I'm sure they look pretty funny. 

As I more or less embrace the ups and downs of working life, I also find my wardrobe transitioning more into the muted hues of whites, blacks and the occasional pastel, just because a whole wardrobe of basics is so much easier to match when you have the, for me, maybe not-so, occasional morning mishap. This post documents the essence of my go-to basic pieces whenever I'm in a time crunch and can trust will match, no matter which pieces my hands touch first.

Gents, you have it easy - slip on any office dress code appropriate shirt and pants and you're pretty much ready to go. I'm not too sure if anyone would notice if you wore the same white shirt three days in a row, though if you start to smell, I'm quite sure I would. And no, copious amounts of deodorant is most definitely not a shower replacement. 

So to all the ladies, here's my take on the closet basics that you need to invest in: A pair of nude heels, a fun coloured minimalist bag, a shift dress that is work appropriate or can be glam-ed up for a night out after, and since I've never been one to be frugal with the sparkles - a versatile statement necklace. 

So everyone, pray tell, what are the basics you can't live without? I mean, besides coffee, of course. 


Photography by the talented Randy Tan - Also on Instagram and Facebook

- R 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Colonial Charm

If you've read my previous blogpost, you'll know that I was quite taken with the brand spanking new interior of Victoria concert hall, which got me musing about the predicament of living in a globalizing and shrinking world. As such, I have been on the hunt for locations in this concrete jungle that still retain a touch of their colonial charm.  The next place on my checklist was the Singapore Art Museum, another old haunt pulled out from the memories of my teenage years spent on school excursions and relishing in the fact that there was no work to be done that day. 

This location is arguably one of my favourites yet - lots of clean, white space with an added touch of benches and artwork for you to go about questioning your quarter-life existential crisis. The museum displays a significant collection of work by quite a number of Southeast-Asian contemporary and modern artists. The beautifully restored colonial-era mission school is also now house to a variety of cafes and restaurants as well as quaint little stores that sell local crafts and products. 

You've heard me complaining countless times on my blog about the sweltering heat in Singapore - I know not what possessed me to purchase this outerwear, and wear it on this shoot with my photographer Randy whose camera was SO SHARP you could zoom in to see the beads of perspiration on my upper lip. Not glamorous at all, I can tell you that. In retrospect, my first mistake was probably just trying it on - trying things on does no favors to your wallet, believe me. 

The clean lines of this architecture remind me oddly of ZARA tailoring, which is why I chose to wear the mid length tailored blazer and the white blouse I'm sporting - two of my newest wardrobe additions. That, and every time I step into either the Singapore Art Museum or a ZARA store, look around and take a deep breath, everything seems right in the world again. 


Photography by the talented Randy Tan of LoveLens - also on Instagram and Facebook 

 - R 

Monday, 9 March 2015


As a cityscape country, Singapore is quite well known for it's modern and abstract architecture, with a touch of avant garde. But as I (rather ashamedly) took on the role of a tourist in the country I've practically lived my whole life in, I realized there are little pockets of old colonial architecture that hasn't yet been obliterated by skyscrapers, apartment buildings and the like.  This place, Victoria Concert Hall, is one of them. Granted the building has just been restored, but the architecture is still in place. 

I haven't been to this place since my choir days in primary and secondary school, circa 2003 to 2010 when we used to practice for days and weekends on end in preparation for the annual Singapore Youth Festival competitions, or for performances we were going to. I distinctly remember the dressing rooms had mirrors with light bulbs in front of it - old Hollywood glamour esque - and nine-year-old me was probably more excited about those grimy backstage mirrors than the actual performance. 

There is something rather enthralling about high ceilings and clean walls that stimulates thought - though I think it is more of the space than anything else. So bear with me as I spew my two cents worth. Living in a sardine can, it's pretty hard to find such quiet and clean space in which you can just take some time for yourself to reflect and breathe. Every day is a race of finishing work, doing things, running errands - trying desperately to get somewhere or something done - that we are constantly living in the future instead of the present. I don't mean to say the future isn't important, but it's a right shame we too often neglect the present; we live in it. 

P.S: Spot my new baby, featured in more posts to come! 

Bug Print Top ZARA | Textured Midi Skirt Topshop | Prada Mini Alma in Chrome

Photography by Edward - check him out!

- R  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Marbled Madness

Doing my nails is another luxury I like to indulge in; having nicely manicured nails always makes me feel that tiny bit more dressed up than I already am. Here's a quick post on my favourite set of nails yet, and a sneak peek at a new addition to my bag family. 

After lusting over my favourite blogger Willabelle's nails for a very long time, I decided it was time to bite the bullet. It was in the christmas of 2013 that I paid my first visit to The Nail Artelier, a little shop house nestled in the heart of Singapore's Haji Lane. One of their nail artists set me up with this adorable set of christmas themed nails, and I was sold. I have since made it a point to visit them every time I return during the semester breaks, resulting in this set and this set

This marbled, geometric, iridescent masterpiece is the handiwork of Ying who is at their Kembangan branch. They are able to do any sort of nail art you want - portraits, anime characters, intricate lace designs, 3D nail art and textures - you name it, they do it. I leave you their Instagram page  for your perusal.  

I've visited my fair share of bad nail salons - those that roughly remove gel manicures, destroying your nails in the process, to those that charge an exorbitant $20 extra during Chinese New Year and don't tell you until after you're done. But The Nail Artelier is by far the best and most professional I have ever been to. Each time I visit them I am satisfied and impressed with their work; all their nail artists are skilled and meticulous. They always deliver exactly what you want and I can guarantee you will not leave disappointed. 

I'll give it to you that they are on the pricey side, but for this quality of work - in the words of Taylor Swift - "The high was worth the pain". 

- R 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Print in Pink

I can't believe how fast the first month of 2015 has passed. Where did that whole month go? But aha! While that means the depth of winter for those of you in New York (I heard about the blizzard, bundle up, everyone!), or the height of  the summer haze for those in the land down under, for me it means my favourite time of the year is almost upon us. Oh yes, I said it. I like February way more than I do Christmas. 

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet - February heralds the approaching of the Chinese New Year fesitivities. At this point I could write an essay about what goes on during the celebrations, but here's the tl;dr: We go on shopping sprees for a new wardrobe, because it's good luck to welcome the New Year with NEW ERRTHANG. We wear said new wardrobe to visit relatives and friends where we feast on traditional cookies, cakes, bak kwayushenghotpot and a truckload of other good food. Relatives give you red pockets with money in them. An all encompassing excuse to shop, pocket money, good food and good company. Who could want for more? 

In the spirit that you should wear a little colour during Chinese New Year, here's a post with a blush-toned palette at Melbourne's iconic Brighton Beach, to take a break from my favourite black and whites. I couldn't leave without doing a shoot here, of course. This gingham skirt sat in my ASOS 'saved items' page for a really, really  long time till one day the discount god bestowed a 70% blessing upon us for two days. What can I say - this skirt and the beach took to each other like they were always meant to be, and had this gorgeous baby of a shoot. 

The sun was abysmally bright, making it a pain in the tush to shoot anything at all, and I felt like I was being microwaved alive, but even I long for the burning heat and cool waters as I put my nose to the daily grind. 


ASOS Gingham Pink Midi | ZARA TRF crop top 
Lovisa necklace | Charles & Keith loafers similar here

Photography by Lily Chen 

- R 

Monday, 12 January 2015


For this post, I'm easing back into it with a trip back to my comfort zone - monochrome en masse. Well not really in comfort, because on the contrary apparently typing is all I need to do in this weather to work up a line of sweat beads along my hairline. I'm also going to be starting an internship soon, so let me revel one last time in the pleasure of cropped, midriff- baring tops, asymmetric hems, chunky boots and my hair all loose in the wind before I have to subject myself to the horrors of more conservative office wear. -shudder- 

I had planned for this skirt to be shot at a later date after I had gotten rid of that food baby (hahaha I'm heading back to Singapore, who am I kidding?), but seeing as I would be photographer-less in two weeks, there was no way around it. On the flipside, this serves as motivation for myself to get back in shape, and for the bulges of that food baby to grace the face of social media no longer than this one post.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I spent the last two weeks in Australia staying with Lily in her house in the suburbs. She was very kind to put me up as I waited for graduation. I can safely say that two weeks later I officially developed suburbititis. It was a sight to behold, for suburbia certainly becomes me. While I did work out occasionally, there wasn't much to do except go to Coles. Days were spent lounging in my pajamas, watching reruns of an old korean drama and treating my mouth like a black hole. The difference being that we don't know where things go when they disappear into black holes - that packet of lemon crisps, however, I can definitely see where that went. 



Striped asymmetrical skirt similar here | H&M mesh crop top | Cut out boots similar here
Minimalist triangle necklace | Wet n' Wild nail polish Haze of Love | New Look cross body bag

Photography by Lily Chen

- R 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Into The Unknown

As the new year celebrations sweep the different time zones, I've been doing some celebrating and reflecting of my own on the past year. So here's the first blogpost of the year with my two cents worth and some photos from my graduation!

Much of 2014 was spent as a recluse, furiously scribbling away on a notepad and typing out essays and reports for my final year in uni, emerging only for the promise of food that never fails to lure me out of my little self-created hellhole.

But that aside, 2014 has been pretty pivotal. Despite me still not being able to curb my ASOS tendencies, I've survived the fashion and beauty year, having successfully conquered my fear of pants and midi skirts, found my godsend hair curler, won over a thousand dollars of YSL products, started worshipping the aeropress, stopped having my coffee with milk, become an Aesop convert and gone down the slippery slope of being a blush junkie in the making. All that and I've emerged with a degree in procrastination to boot. My family and friends have all played an irreplaceable part in my journey, and I would I am today without you. Thank you, a thousand times over.

And this blogpost to round up the year would not be complete without a paragraph as tribute to Lily, my friend, without whom this blog would just be sad. This little 4'11 package of wonderful has been the most patient photographer, putting up with my nonsense like asking her to take the same photo 20 times, or me bugging her to go on shoots. But more than that, she's literally my spiritual twin - we correctly guess each other's gifts without opening the wrapping and pick out the same items from a store without knowing it. I also don't think I'll find another person who will dress up to the nines in 20's gear for a swing dance party with me, or understand the importance of setting a leaving time - so we can get ready an hour in advance. As we bid adieu to 2014, I also bid a 6-month long goodbye to her as she ventures into the city that never sleeps for exchange (in which I hope my blog will not be as barren as I fear) - please return with 10 servings of Chipotle for me.

Blogging wise - I've always thought the hardest part about maintaining a blog is trying to start posts. Getting my writing engine going is an excruciating hour long affair of staring at a blank screen, typing a sentence, deleting it, and rewriting it. This one was certainly no exception. And in the end, Surprisingly enough, I almost always go back to the sentence with which I first began.

This year was pretty much like writing a blogpost. New Year's Eve saw me lying in bed in my slob clothes and hair in a topknot as I looked on everyone prepping for their parties on Instagram. I came to the small realization that this is me coming full circle. Not sure if it's inspirational or sad that I think lying in bed on New Year's Eve is coming full circle, but I realized that these new year traditions like making resolutions exist only because we put them in place. So here's my resolution for 2015: It doesn't need to be New Year's Day for me to make a resolution. Each day is 24 hours, just like the last, equally fresh and new. So don't wait for the new year. Carpe diem - seize the day, the minute, the second, for every little division of time, no matter how infinitely small, is a chance for me to become a better version of myself.

Happy New Year, everyone, I wish you love and light in 2015.

Photography by Lily Chen

- R