Sunday, 3 May 2015

Blanc et Rose

For some reason, my mind has been quite the mess as of late. 

It was very challenging trying to pick out an outfit for this location - none of them really sat quite right with my inner fashion critic. All the pieces I put together looked a tad gauche when matched with the high ceilings and slate coloured shutters. To my surprise, it was in one of the most unexpected places from which I drew inspiration and assembled this getup, ironically, in a matter of minutes - my mom. I usually never borrow anything from her; her style is markedly different than mine. I know not what possessed me to decide to have a look in her closet, but it was in those two minutes that my outfit woes came to a sudden close.

If you're a seasoned reader, first of all, thank you. Second of all, you'll know that there was a point back in time where I completely refused to be dressed in any form of all white, nude toned outfit - much less a midi skirt, the horror. As such, this colour palette of white, blush tones, and just a splash of black is probably the antithesis of my style circa 2012.

Not only was this outfit hard to put together, writing for it was also ridiculously hard for some reason. Believe it or not. I've spent the last two weeks, dusting out the far corners of my rather fried brain, frantically trying to wring out any last dredges of literary inspiration. It has been drafted, re-drafted, scrapped, rewritten more times than I can remember. A couple nights ago I went out on a last minute meeting with a long-time friend, which I was actually planning on postponing due to other commitments, but ended up not doing so. Said friend and I don't talk much, save for our meetings which are few and far between. But as we got talking, the conversation of the night was what got my creative juices flowing. And here I am the next day, words bursting out of me faster than I can type, and too much than appropriate for one blogpost. 

So what exactly, is the point of me rambling on about how this post came to be, you ask? I can hear the thought bubbles hovering above your heads: " I honestly can't be bothered about how you put this together, much less how you had a writers block and dumbly resolved it by engaging in social interaction. I just kind of want to laugh at what derp faces you have for me in this post. "

My point is this: Serendipity happens. Those of you who know me in real life will know I'm a right cynic about the way the world works and the way in which good things come into fruition. But the past month has just been filled with constant reminders that little good things will come to you, even if you don't think they will. Like finding the fifty dollars I thought I lost while very reluctantly cleaning my room, or meeting an amazing person at an event I was rather dismissive of and only decided to go to five minutes before my dad left for it. To loosely quote Mitch Albom - miracles happen quietly every day. 

White Crochet Midi Skirt similar here | White Chiffon Crop Top; Vintage | MiuMiu bowler bag

Photos by the talented Randy Tan of Lovelens. Find them on Instagram and Facebook

- R 


  1. So beautiful! You picked the most perfect outfit for a gorgeous location! We love how you look so sweet and serene and also so sophisticated. We definately know what it feels like to have writers block. It's honestly the worst! But it's always great when you push through it!

  2. Love how well the hues of your clothes mingle with those of the location! xx

  3. Absolutely loving these photographs and this location Rachel! And you've done a good job matching it with this outfit. I enjoyed reading your post, so well spoken! I completely understand the writer's block - only difference is, I'm too lazy to draft/re-draft posts if I'm stuck on anything remotely worth saying; and so simply settle on low quality recounts haha.



  4. This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

  5. seems like this will be my favorite dress from now on.