Thursday, 27 December 2012


To be completely honest with everyone, I enjoy Christmas, but sometimes it MAKES ME COMPLETELY INSANE. The Christmas songs just drive me round the looney bin. If I hear Jingle Bell Rock ONE more time, I might just go mad.

I know I said doing an outfit post was useless because I'd be sweating away in hot and humid Malaysia. But when I saw the grapevine in all it's splendour in my grandma's garden, I immediately changed my mind and started putting an outfit together. But that's not to say I wasn't perspiring profusely during the shoot. >:(

I saw the shoes at Bershka, one of the stores I frequent alot nowadays. To be quite honest it looked terrible on the shelf and an idea struck me: how funny would it be to try on those hideous shoes? Oh the irony, I ended up falling in love once I put them on. I knew the gold and black would be perfect for Christmas. Red and green come in the form of flowers in this outfit, plus an old ribbon my grandma gave me that matches the green on my skirt to a T. When it comes to colour and pattern, less is more, so little dashes of colour and glitter against the black stand out more and give the outfit an edgy look.

I love the A-line cut and pleats of the skirt, they hide my terrible pear shaped figure so well. :D My relatives were all "what pear shaped figure?!" and I was like: there we go. Skirt works like magic. ;D

I didn't take any full body shots with the shoes because the grass was muddy and the shoes are suede. Mud and suede? Cringe.

black blouse with spike tips | floral skirt from Forever21 | drawstring bag from The Editor's Market | Russian red lipstick by M.A.C
black and gold heels from Bershka | Watch by Roberge, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Bracelet by Mouawad


Saturday, 15 December 2012

All Things Green and Red


Hopefully everyone has plans on how to make the fullest of this year's xmas! :D 

I for one am going to spend it somewhere where the weather is horribly un-christmassy, so it seems pretty pointless for me to do a Christmas fashion post since I'd just be wearing a singlet, shorts, and hopefully an icepack on my forehead. So to make up for that I'm going to make a wishlist of green and red things to make myself (and hopefully everyone reading this) feel slightly better.

Although something is telling me it's not going to work out very well, seeing as the word here is wish-list and not have-list. 

Green and Red Christmas Wishlist!

1. Christmas Nails
this is probably the only thing I have on my wishlist. I went out with Denise to get them done just this morning. Nails are my weakness, more than anything else. My favourite are the reindeer, because they sort of look like Unicorns, but christmassy. Don't look at me like that. 

2. Red Balenciaga Classic Town Coquelicot  
Like, I can't even. I want so bad. ): 

3. Green Tea Confectionery
So I was blogsurfing and I went to Jean's  blog. WORST MISTAKE OF THIS MONTH I TELL YOU. *SHAKES FIST*.  Because I saw the pictures, and since then I've had this intense craving for green tea-related confectioneries that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. Dear waistline, you'll have to abandon all hope of coming into existence this holiday. 

4. Red Highlights 
I used to have them, and now they've faded to a light blonde. I want them back! Here's a picture from back then :D 

There are a bajillion more things I could put on this list, but unfortunately they aren't green or red, so the list ends here. I've so much planned for the holiday and been so busy lately I didn't realise till I sat down and looked at my calendar today that I've almost been home for a month. O: O: O: O: O: O: 

It just started to rain so I'm going to curl up in my bed. Plus it's already 2AM in the morning. Goodnight everyone! 

- R

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Anything Could Happen

Hello everybody! Hopefully everyone is well and having an amazing time. I've been going out so much and been so busy recently I completely forgot about snapping photos for my usual outfit posts. So instead of the usual, I'm here with another song for everyone to enjoy!

It's anything could happen by Ellie Goulding and to say I am obsessed with this song is an understatement. I've been hearing it multiple times in different shopping centres and because I live under the rock called Korean Pop, I didn't recognise it. I don't know about you guys, but anything with a good beat and dramatic music draws me in like a bee to honey. The beat in this one is constant and boy is it addictive.

For me it's the kind of song that I would just sit down and listen to over and over again and just be.The other day I went to meet my friend at one of the few hidey-hole cafes in Singapore. This song was playing on my ipod and while I waited, and I just watched the world. You know, not doing or thinking anything, just listening to the melody of the song alone, not the lyrics, and just enjoy the feeling of time passing. It's one of my favourite feelings in the world.

Haha maybe I'm just odd. Anyway, have a listen.

- R

Sunday, 2 December 2012


First year of uni has come to an end and I am also finally back home! :D While on the flight back there were no crying babies, a certain someone sitting beside me had completely no concept of personal space whatsoever.

"Hi lady, I'd really appreciate it if you took your elbow out of my face so I can eat my meal in peace. Also, please put on some socks or take your feet off the seat so your cold and slightly clammy toes don't keep brushing against my leg. I don't like your toe particles very much thank you." 

 It's great to see my family again. I didn't know how much I missed my family till I saw them waiting for me at the arrival gates. :')  Also can't wait to meet my friends again and see how they're doing. On another hand, Singapore weather is positively dreadful. It's so humid breathing is actually tiring and I'm perspiring so much I constantly smell like a gym. Up to your imagination entirely as to how I look like while typing this post. 

My latest score on the spring-summer sales is this pair of navy shorts from Forever New. I know, I know, I have one that looks almost exactly like it in black from ZARA, but how could I resist? I love the cut of the shorts, the fabric and the navy colour that's much softer than black. It hides my ridiculous pear shaped figure and it's versatile. Plus there are so many colours that can be matched with navy, but not black. Who cares if I already have a dupe in my closet? (Irrational shopaholic speaking here) 

I'm sorry it's back to my less pro photos, we'll just have to make do with my iphone camera and self timer :/ 

I paired it off with a sleeveless brown blouse and I snagged from a pushcart store; the pattern on the blouse isn't white and black, but white and navy! I've worn this blouse with black bottoms previously because the lace detailing on the collar is black, but I feel that navy suits it so much better. The cream/gold ribbon belt acts as a transition colour for the blue and brown to blend well.  Also, say hi to another member of my bag family, a square suede satchel that's a beautiful emerald green. It provides the needed contrast to prevent everything from looking too matchy-matchy.

Navy shorts from forever new similar here | Cream skinny belt similar here and here | Green suede satchel from Dip Drops
 Watch by Robergé, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Bracelets from etsy

Add a few accessories and we're good to go with the hot Singapore weather :D

Hope everyone is going to have an amazing summer. 

- R