Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scarlet Siren

Since my discovery of the versatility of the classic red lip , its been my saving grace many a time when I find myself in the pickle of "Oh no, too much black". And let's face it, given the underwhelming amount of color in my wardrobe, that situation is never too far around the fashion corner (or runway, if you will). So when a little birdie told me of the #YSLDangerousReds photo competition that advertised a year's worth of YSL products, or a trip to Sydney for a photoshoot with photographer Hugh Stewart, I felt it high time I paid homage to this beautiful colour with this stunning number of a skirt.

Said little birdie and I pulled out all our stops, for the shoot of the most epic proportions was about to go down. Well, I exaggerate, for if you imagine two ridiculously overdressed Asian girls running off to the Royal Exhibition Building you don't exactly get as epic an image as I hoped, but you get the point. I think we'd both agree that this was the most physically trying shoot that we've ever attempted, despite the careless tossing of hair or pensive staring into the distance that (I hope) is being depicted. There was much kneeling, sucking in of protruding bellies and sinking of stiletto heels into the grass to be had. But girls, remember, beauty is pain.

So, #YSLDangerousReds asks me how I wear my red.

Why, as the center of attention, of course, with panache to boot. 


Photos Credits to Lily

 - R 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Viridian Velour

I've always struggled with beginning blogposts, as I am right now, so please bear with me as my writing engine sputters to life and we get off to a rather unexciting opening. 

It was only when I noticed that my winter coats were collecting dust in my wardrobe that I realised how backlogged this post was going to be if I didn't get it up soon. That and the fact that the semester is well under way and I am swimming in assignments (but still have time to write a blogpost?). Guess who needs to keep her priorities in check? 

As much as I love blooming flowers, I've always been sad to see the temperatures creeping upwards on the weather forecast. This means bidding adieu to layering it up, cosy winter coats, and welcoming the possibility of perspiration outside gym conditions (the horror). Y'all know how I feel about that. So here's a tribute to the favourites of my winter wardrobe: A versatile slate coloured coat, a viridian velvet top, a printed bodycon skirt (that doesn't blow up in the wind to flash your undies to unsuspecting passers-by), my trusty creeper wedges and that gem of a bag just screaming for attention.   

It seems like shades of green are beginning their takover on my blog, but not to worry, my next post promises to flip the spectrum with more of these beautiful jewel tones I've really loving recently. Stay tuned! 

Green velvet top The Editor's Market | Oasis Boucle Knit Sleeve Coat ASOS | Printed skirt Dotti
Gold chain Lovisa | Gold crossbody bag Bimba Y Lola | Black suede creeper wedges Underground

Photography: Lily Chen. Head over to give her some unicorn lovin' 

- R