Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Marbled Madness

Doing my nails is another luxury I like to indulge in; having nicely manicured nails always makes me feel that tiny bit more dressed up than I already am. Here's a quick post on my favourite set of nails yet, and a sneak peek at a new addition to my bag family. 

After lusting over my favourite blogger Willabelle's nails for a very long time, I decided it was time to bite the bullet. It was in the christmas of 2013 that I paid my first visit to The Nail Artelier, a little shop house nestled in the heart of Singapore's Haji Lane. One of their nail artists set me up with this adorable set of christmas themed nails, and I was sold. I have since made it a point to visit them every time I return during the semester breaks, resulting in this set and this set

This marbled, geometric, iridescent masterpiece is the handiwork of Ying who is at their Kembangan branch. They are able to do any sort of nail art you want - portraits, anime characters, intricate lace designs, 3D nail art and textures - you name it, they do it. I leave you their Instagram page  for your perusal.  

I've visited my fair share of bad nail salons - those that roughly remove gel manicures, destroying your nails in the process, to those that charge an exorbitant $20 extra during Chinese New Year and don't tell you until after you're done. But The Nail Artelier is by far the best and most professional I have ever been to. Each time I visit them I am satisfied and impressed with their work; all their nail artists are skilled and meticulous. They always deliver exactly what you want and I can guarantee you will not leave disappointed. 

I'll give it to you that they are on the pricey side, but for this quality of work - in the words of Taylor Swift - "The high was worth the pain". 

- R 

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  1. Love what you did here! Those are cute details! Love the asymmetry!

    Jessica |