Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reminiscent of winter

This was a shoot I did a couple of months ago, but I never got to post it because I felt that there weren't enough detail photos. It's one of the looks I snapped for my OO7D feature in QiuQiu's Qweekly magazine

But now, as I sit in Singapore's sweltering 33 degree humid weather, reminiscing about eight degree winter back in Australia, I find posting this particularly apt. 

I think this coat speaks for itself, really. The combination of the different textures, coupled with the angular lines of the cut, makes it so quirky and unique. I am absolutely in love with it. I paired it with a black chiffon shirt with denim and delicate gold chain detailing and a burgundy skater skirt. Going with the burgundy theme, I took out my owl bowler bag for a little spin. 

On another note, here marks the start of my holiday, can't wait to take advantage of the cheap shopping here in Singapore! 

Happy Sunday everyone!

ZARA coat | ASOS owl bowler bag | Chiffon blouse with detailing similar here | Underground Wulfrun creeper wedges

Photos credits to Sharon. Visit her Flickr and shower her with lots of unicorn love!

- R 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Rub of the green

Just a quick post on my new nails that I am in love with!

While rummaging through the depths of pinterest, I came across a geometric nail art pattern and was absolutely smitten with its clean yet unique look. So when went to the nail salon with my friend yesterday, I was determined to have my nails done in the same fashion. 

While browsing through the colour selection, the british saying "rub of the green", meaning luck, for some reason popped into my head, so I opted for a deep viridian under a forest-green glitter. 

I must say that these two make quite the combination!

Will finish off here before I start to ramble off on tangents, happy weekend everyone! 

- R 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Paisley Thrills

If you haven't noticed already, my latest go to winter staple is this lovely paisley printed bomber jacket/hoodie. I was really drawn to the intricate combinations of red, burgundy, mint, and the occasional splash of yellow. It's got a beautiful satin finish with a black quilted interior that has kept me surprisingly warm for the past few weeks that have been growing colder with each day. 

Now that exams are over and I'm caught up in the whirlwind of packing to head back to Singapore, I find that this jacket is just perfect for spicing up the plain outfits that I've been throwing on in a hurry every day. 

This shoot is as spontaneous as it will get. I met up with my friend Lei, and I had a wonderful time with her catching up over brunch and relieving some exam stress. Turns out she had planned for an outfit shoot later that day and she asked me to join her. Our friend, Jen, helped us take the photos.

Lei also blogs, so check out her awesome fashion blog here to show her some unicorn lovin' !

Unplanned as it was, I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I'm not a very adventurous person and like to stick with comfort, but I enjoyed the unexpectedness of having another person doing the photo-taking and shooting with a friend.

Oh see that scrape on my knee? Don't mind it. I was just being my clumsy self. In my case, it's an actual talent. 

Paisley printed jacket from Sportsgirl | Burgundy skater skirt similar here |  Black studded bag from Steve Madden
Black chiffon top from ZARA | Statement necklace from Etsy | Underground Wulfrun Creeper Wedges

I've got to get back to my packing now, next blogpost will be up when I get back to Singapore! Happy week ahead everyone! 

 - R 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

May - June Photodiary

It's been ages since my last post and that is absolutely ridiculous. *falls on knees with teary eyes* I'm sorry.

I've been at the mercy of my exams for the past month, but guess who isn't bound to her books and lecture notes anymore?? I submitted my last essay just this Monday and the feeling of this great weight lifting off my shoulders was just inexplicable. Fortunately I maintained some sense of public decorum and waited till I was alone in my room to do my victory dance. 

Since then I've just been slowly re-adapting to the non-hermit life and catching up with my friends who have some time to spare. My lovely photographer has flown back to Malaysia for the holidays, so I'll try my best to produce an outfit post in the near future that does not consist of badly taken self shots. 

So please be content with a tiny filler post with food shots, OOTDs and a couple of randoms across April/June. :) 

Promise I'll update again soon! I've done quite a bit of online shopping and am anxious to shoot the new pieces. They're quite quirky and out of my usual style, I thought I'd have a bit of a change!




Hello, winter. 

- R