Saturday, 27 April 2013

Towards Colder Days

It's that time of the semester where we as we pile on the layers, university piles on the work. I've been having a pretty indulgent past couple of weeks, brunching at new places and just generally spending my time faffing around with friends and not doing anything productive. Here are some photos to whet your appetite:


As life is settling into a pretty gloomy mood, I find colours and patterns in outfits I wear really cheer me up. I pulled out my oranges and reds - colours that I find just scream mirth and happiness. I find that my favourite piece in this outfit has got to be the metallic neon orange clutch from Bimba and Lola. I love their quirky, avant-garde take on colours and combinations for their accessories. Believe me when I say I want ALL the accessories in the store.

I absolutely love this NafNaf coat - the princess-style cut is perfect with the slightly cinched waist and flared bottom. And not only is it in this beautiful navy blue, it also comes with a hood, which means you can combat the ever temperamental melbourne weather while looking your best.

Tired of my wedge creepers yet? :P

Navy coat from NafNaf | Aztec print bodycon skirt similar here | blouse from Topshop
pigskin clutch in neon orange from Bimba & Lola | Wulfrun wedge in black suede from Underground

Photos by the lovely Sharon Lee. Visit her Flickr and shower her with lots of love!

I've also been featured in QiuQiu's Qweekly! *jumps* 
Read it here and visit her blog here!

- R 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Midas Touch

I pondered for almost a full ten minutes on how to make the introduction of this blogpost seem less girly, airheaded and just plain materialistic, and I decided that there is no feasible way to do so. I love sparkly things. Sequins, glitter, metallics, holographic prints - there is just an indescribable magnetism between myself and glittery things. When matched with a dark colour, it makes for the perfect touch of sass to an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd.

This skirt just oozes with sparkly unicorn happiness. If you're standing next to a wall/door/ flat surface when the light hits it, it dusts the surface with this gold sparkle, and if you stare at it long enough it's almost as if it's turning to gold itself. Hence the name for this blogpost.

It's be perfect for a girls night out, a party or even a dinner, if you pair it with the right accessories. I kept it low with colours, sticking with only black and gold. The tiny gold studs on the chiffon blouse go wonderfully with the colour scheme while keeping detail to a minimum. I then put on a delicate gold bangle, my A|X watch and my trusty creeper wedges to add a more casual touch to the ensemble.

P.S: You just gotta love those creeper wedges. My friend has taken to not walking alongside me when I'm wearing these shoes because I'm too tall. Score: Rachel - 1, friend - 0. *grins*

black chiffon blouse from ZARA | Gold spike necklace from Diva | cross pearl torque bangle from ASOS
watch from Emporio Armani gentlemen's line | gold skater skirt in sequin from ASOS | Wulfrun Wedge Black Underground

Photos by the awesome Sharon Lee, visit her Flickr and shower her with love!

- R 

Friday, 5 April 2013


Besides the free shipping to Australia for ASOS, I honestly have very little to say about shopping in Melbourne. Sometimes I feel it's so backward I want to hide my head in a hole like a depressed ostrich and cry. (by the way, ostriches don't really stick their heads in the ground.)

You can imagine my excitement when I heard topshop was having a sale. No one can blame me for being attracted to sales. Women's brains are just wired to respond to this word. There is evidence showing higher levels of brain activity in women shown the word "sale".

Psychology student talking there. 

I picked up a printed blouse with cream piping round the collar, shoulders and cuffs. It's got a silk finish with just enough weight in the fabric to stay flowy but static free in this dry weather. I wanted the beautiful print to be at the center of attention so I kept everything else to a simple black.

The creeper wedges are also a new addition to my shoe collection; they came in the mail the day before the shoot. I took a look at them and got worried because of how big and high they look, but I was just so in love with them once I put them on. They're extremely comfortable, stable and perfect for just stomping around places. Also, plus points for helping me feel like less of a midget.

Printed blouse from Topshop | Pleated skirt from Glassons | Wulfrun wedge black suede from Underground
Watch by Roberge, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Bracelets from Etsy | Gold spike necklace 
Bag from Steve Madden | Sunglasses from Michael Kors

Photos credits to Sharon. Visit her Flickr and shower her with love! 

- R 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Ending March

To sum it up, March has been wonderful. I've been reunited with my college friends whom I party with, laugh with, study with, go absolutely nutters with, and love to death. I've been going for brunch with my girlfriends (#thebrunchsociete) quite often, exploring the quainter corners of Melbourne, and I must say the occasional escapade is a great time to take a breather. I am also, for once in my life, up to date with my lectures and assignments for uni.  *pats head gleefully* 

I'm really, really happy. It's going to get tough soon once uni gets to the assignment period, but I'm going to enjoy this happiness while it's here. 

And to end off this awesome month I went to Pillar of Salt in Richmond with #thebrunchsociete. It was Sharon's birthday, so all the more we should have gone out of our way to somewhere nice. It's a little off the city grid, but the time taken to go there is certainly worth every minute. I wont lie to you to curb your internet-food-photo fantasies. The food tastes as mouth-wateringly delicious as it looks in the photos below. We ate and laughed and shopped till our wallets shouted in distress and it was wonderful. :) 

You were a real bitch with the blazing hot days at first, but you made it up with everything else.

Thank you, March! 

As you've realised, this is just a little outfit of the day filler. But I did pick up some really awesome pieces the other day, so look forward to another post in a week or so! 

burgundy sweater from Dotti, similar here | gold studded velvet skirt | bag from Steve Madden
polka dot mesh top from ZARA | watch from Emporio Armani gentlemen's line | gold necklace from Diva 

photos credits to Sharon. Happy Birthday, and thank you for everything. :) 
 Please visit her blog and her flickr and shower her with your love. 

- R