Thursday, 19 March 2015

Colonial Charm

If you've read my previous blogpost, you'll know that I was quite taken with the brand spanking new interior of Victoria concert hall, which got me musing about the predicament of living in a globalizing and shrinking world. As such, I have been on the hunt for locations in this concrete jungle that still retain a touch of their colonial charm.  The next place on my checklist was the Singapore Art Museum, another old haunt pulled out from the memories of my teenage years spent on school excursions and relishing in the fact that there was no work to be done that day. 

This location is arguably one of my favourites yet - lots of clean, white space with an added touch of benches and artwork for you to go about questioning your quarter-life existential crisis. The museum displays a significant collection of work by quite a number of Southeast-Asian contemporary and modern artists. The beautifully restored colonial-era mission school is also now house to a variety of cafes and restaurants as well as quaint little stores that sell local crafts and products. 

You've heard me complaining countless times on my blog about the sweltering heat in Singapore - I know not what possessed me to purchase this outerwear, and wear it on this shoot with my photographer Randy whose camera was SO SHARP you could zoom in to see the beads of perspiration on my upper lip. Not glamorous at all, I can tell you that. In retrospect, my first mistake was probably just trying it on - trying things on does no favors to your wallet, believe me. 

The clean lines of this architecture remind me oddly of ZARA tailoring, which is why I chose to wear the mid length tailored blazer and the white blouse I'm sporting - two of my newest wardrobe additions. That, and every time I step into either the Singapore Art Museum or a ZARA store, look around and take a deep breath, everything seems right in the world again. 


Photography by the talented Randy Tan of LoveLens - also on Instagram and Facebook 

 - R 


  1. Randy's pics are excellent (I didn't see any sweat!). I might have to get that waistcoat for myself; in summer, I live in Texas which has a humidity of 150%, so I know what you're going through.

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. I'll definitely pass on that compliment to him! You don't see any sweat because.... photoshop. *giggle* definitely invest in the waistcoat - such easy layering without too much heat!

      x, Rach