Sunday, 10 August 2014


 It's that time of the year again. Winter holidays, two month long hiatus, what's new?

The return of the academic semester saw me being very adventurous with my wardrobe; I bought my first pair of pants in 6 years. Yes, even in winter I donned a skirt/shorts and tights getup, or even worse, simply went bare-legged. I know they keep you warm, but if you're me who prioritizes vanity over comfort, items of restrictive clothing that emphasize my monstrous pear-shaped figure, I can definitely pass up. If I had Gisele BΓΌndchen's legs, sure, I'd wear pants made out of potato sacks for all I cared. But when I stepped rather skeptically into this pair of Uniqlo pants-leggings, I was sold. Believe me when I say they're so comfy, it's like wearing leggings. Next up on the fashion checklist: Midi skirts. 

The 20s club also welcomed it's new member in the month of July. In addition to my irrational fears of small irregular holes and finishing a bottle of shampoo but not the conditioner at the same time (come on, it's not just me, right?), I now fear growing old. Y'know, one day waking up and realizing when you look in the mirror that you've gone wrinkly and own about seven cats. But problems of the quarter life crisis aside, turning the big two-zero has really made me think about my priorities and direction in life. For example, should I get that maxi dress in red or in blue?

Either way, the plan as of today is just to veer further away from making a colossal mess of my life. Wherever that road takes me, I'll deal with as it comes.

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Photo credits: Lily Chen. Go give this girl some lovin'. 

 - R