Saturday, 27 October 2012

Playing for keeps

I went out with friends for brunch today, a last outing before I retreat into study mode. I haven't seen these people for a while, so it was nice to catch up and update each other on plans and life in general. To be quite honest I don't talk with them very much because living in college takes up pretty much my entire life right now. But they're the ones that I first made friends with and lived with when I came to Melbourne, and to me that's created a connection that's always going to tie me to these people. The Singlish and Chinese slip out and it feels pretty nice. I think this one is for keeps. :)

I had the big breakfast and that's P.shan's lamb burger. This stuff tastes like heaven. Everything is done to perfection. The scrambled eggs are supple but not overcooked, the bacon is tender and the mushrooms are amazing. everything was not too salty or sweet. The place we went to was LE MIEL et la lune on Elgin St, only 10 minutes walk away from where I stay.

Being the most vain, image concious person you'll come across in your average group of people, of course I took this opportunity to dress up nicely for the last time in about 2 weeks. I ditched my more summery look for a fiercer one, putting together more blacks and golds and less white. I always like only one or two items to the the centre of attention in any outfit, so in this one it's my oversized leopard tee and burgundy owl bag. 

I keep featuring my neon Bimba&Lola clutch and this Owl bag because I have no other bags right now, they're nicely packed away in my closet in Singapore and I'm regretting not bringing them over! You'll see the rest of my bag family in about a month :D 

Realizing that I'm almost completely decked out in ASOS has made me come to terms with the fact that I'm burning a VERY large hole in my pocket. 

Let me warn you potential buyers of this oversized leopard tee - ITS HUGE. I'm not the skinniest person on Earth and I'm literally swimming in a size 10. I'm normally a size 8-10 for tops on ASOS, so I would recommend dropping a size when ordering this. However, it flows pretty nicely on top of this skater skirt because of the tight waistline and stiffer material. It was slightly chilly so I put on these sheer cross tights; I think the pattern is simple enough so as not to overcomplicate the outfit. Finished off with a pair of black heeled boots! I put on some more delicate and feminine arm candy to counter the fierceness of the other pieces.
Links below to the stuff in this outift! 

Thanks to my wonderful friend Sharon who owns a DSLR and has has kindly agreed to take my outfit photos, this post will be filled with  AWESOME BIG GOOD QUALITY WONDERFUL HD photos instead of the sad ones I pilfer off my instagram. (follow her on instagram @theredninja ) 

ASOS sheer cross all over tights | River Island coated lace skater skirt | ASOS twin leopards t-shirt
ASOS burgundy owl bowler bag | NOVO black heeled boots and similar here | Forever 21 pyramid hinge bracelet
Watch by Roberge, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Bracelet by Mouawad, Heidi Klum Collection

Alright that's it for about the next 2 weeks. See everyone after the exams end! 

- R

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