Wednesday, 10 October 2012


As you can see from the color scheme of my blog, the fashion industry isn't the only one having an obsession over oxblood.

Well, obviously it's not real oxblood we're obsessing over (that's something I save for biology lab dissections). If you're slightly queasy with the idea of wearing animal blood, burgundy, dark or wine red are good alternatives for the name. Hopefully I'm not the only one who doesn't understand this name. I'm sure when we hear blood, we generally think: red, so I'm thinking it's the animal that makes the whole concept special.

So my point is: why specifically oxen? Why not some other cooler creature that has mythological properties eg: phoenix / eagles / kittens /  puppies / pandas / otters / piglets / tarsiers. Why would they, of all animals, choose an animal that does hard labour, chews cud and we rear and eat for food?

so we'd choose this:                              over this?

I'm quite sure unicornblood dragonblood eagleblood phoenixblood are nicer, more alluring names for this color.

But nevermind the name, I've always had a love for deep red colors because I think they lend sophistication to almost any piece of clothing or accessory, making a statement without being too loud. I have sweaters, necklaces, shorts and nail polish in this color. My most recent addition to my burgundy - colored family is a lovely bowler bag from ASOS. When I first saw it I was just conjuring up all sorts of outfits and colors that I could match with it.

It just arrived yesterday, so I took it out today! :D I decided to play with the colors and get my outfit to match the bag instead of the bag matching my outfit. It was a pretty warm day out, so I just pulled out a simple chiffon top and matched it with a pair of black skirt - looking shorts and a skinny belt to accentuate my nonexistent waistline. The gold triangle necklace and bracelets match the metal bits of the bag. The burgundy of the bag is the only color in this monochrome outfit so it's the centre of attention, the statment piece that gives everything a pop of color. pop! (Haha. I like that word.)


white chiffon top from Forever21, similar here & here | Black skorts from Zara, similar here | Black skinny belt 
ASOS owl tassel bowler bag | Coral spot bangle from Diva | Gold Bunting collar from Diva | Watch from Emporio Armarni Gentlemen's line

ps: I always add links to where you can buy these items / dupes of the items in the outfit description so click away! :)


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