Sunday, 7 October 2012


Well, Internet is down here, so I'm blogging from my phone at the moment.

(I don't like this. It confuses me.)

But anyway, I headed down to Priceline the other day and on impulse (because it was on sale), I picked up a beautiful lavender/lilac nail polish. I didn't think it would sit well with me because I absolutely CANNOT wear pastel purple-toned clothes. I've got a slightly pink undertone for an Asian and pastel colors in general just make my skin look ashy. (BOO, PASTEL - COLRED SPRING TREND, BOOOooOoooOOO. Can't buy anything >:| )

But this pastel shade sits surprisingly well with my hands! Also a bigbigbig plus point because it's from Rimmel because
1. Rimmel makes wonderful nail polishes that dry really quickly
2. They stay on for about a week before they start chipping (great for lazy people like me who can never be bothered with topcoat)
3. the coverage is beautiful. I got this colout with only 2 coats and it doesn't get all streaky :D
4. It's a drugstore product, which means it comes with a drugstore price! Pocket friendly! :3

Mine is the colour 170 in Lively Lilac. I think it's a great color for spring; it reminds me of flowers :D Hope everyone finds a new nail color to obsess over too, mine makes me very happy!


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