Saturday, 27 April 2013

Towards Colder Days

It's that time of the semester where we as we pile on the layers, university piles on the work. I've been having a pretty indulgent past couple of weeks, brunching at new places and just generally spending my time faffing around with friends and not doing anything productive. Here are some photos to whet your appetite:


As life is settling into a pretty gloomy mood, I find colours and patterns in outfits I wear really cheer me up. I pulled out my oranges and reds - colours that I find just scream mirth and happiness. I find that my favourite piece in this outfit has got to be the metallic neon orange clutch from Bimba and Lola. I love their quirky, avant-garde take on colours and combinations for their accessories. Believe me when I say I want ALL the accessories in the store.

I absolutely love this NafNaf coat - the princess-style cut is perfect with the slightly cinched waist and flared bottom. And not only is it in this beautiful navy blue, it also comes with a hood, which means you can combat the ever temperamental melbourne weather while looking your best.

Tired of my wedge creepers yet? :P

Navy coat from NafNaf | Aztec print bodycon skirt similar here | blouse from Topshop
pigskin clutch in neon orange from Bimba & Lola | Wulfrun wedge in black suede from Underground

Photos by the lovely Sharon Lee. Visit her Flickr and shower her with lots of love!

I've also been featured in QiuQiu's Qweekly! *jumps* 
Read it here and visit her blog here!

- R 


  1. hello, this is my first time here. not to be rude but just curious what uk size are u for top and btm? cos u got super pretty clothings which i cant seem to find to fit me ):

    1. No worries about it! I buy in AU sizes and was looking on conversion sites - it's either they move down a size, or stay the same for UK. So if they move down a size, I'm a UK 6-8, and if they stay the same, I'm a UK 8-10. I'm the same for both tops and bottoms. Check the sizing chart with the place you're wanting to buy from, and convert from there.

      xx, R