Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I'm really late in catching on to this craze, but I've finally gotten my hands on my new baby which was flown in by a friend of a friend from the US. I'm not sure where you can get this in Melbourne - most probably online- but if you're lucky enough to live in a place where a Sephora store has popped up, you can get it from there!

I'm not sure if I can say anything about this palette that hasn't been said already, given the immense hype about it. But for what it amounts, I can assure you that it is worth every cent of the rather hefty price you pay. The large range of colours you get is just perfect if you're a neutrals freak like I am. 

It comes in  a sleek metal casing, a much better upgrade from the original Naked palette which comes in a sort of paper-based case and a magnetic closure. 

I'd say I picked the Naked 2 palette because it has a balance of both warm and cool shades that can be used in combination with other colours to create either brighter or smokier looks. UD included a true black in this palette and although Creep in the Naked 1 came close, it has glitter in it and cant be used to create that matte smoky eye I've always wanted to try. I desperately wanted the original naked palette too, but this one wins for it's versatility. 

I only swiped the colours once on my arm with no blending out, so you can see how even the pigment glides on - no worries about blotchiness!Although a word of caution with regards to blackout, it was the only one that seemed like it needed more blending than the rest. They go on pretty opaque, but the intensity of each colour is extremely buildable. My favourite colours are half-baked, chopper and pistol!

Well, if you're on a budget and your pocket does not allow for the hefty price tag, NOT TO WORRY. A dupe for this palette comes in the form of MUA's Undress Me Too palette, which in my opinion, comes pretty damn close. It's of good quality and is very affordable.  Please don't ask me why I didn't get this one instead - sometimes I don't like to face these unreasonable, self-gratifying descisions I make.


What do you think??

- R 

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