Sunday, 16 March 2014

Red Letter Day

You can never go wrong with a bright lip colour to spice up a duller colour palette, is what I learned when I moved to Australia. My terribly overdressed self used to reside in a much more conservative asian country, where a bold red lip would earn me stares and whispers in malls and on streets, so you can understand why I have only just begun to appreciate it's beauty. 

Due to my forever bad planning, I arrived home, absolutely grungy after a sleepover, with just over 40 minutes to take a shower, put my face on, dry my shaggy mane of hair, AND pick out something to wear. (I can hear you scoffing, "ha! I can do that in half the time!" But trust me, when you are as indecisive as I am, that is no small feat.)  So you can imagine my surprise when I turned to this as a last resort and it brought such life to a hastily thrown together outfit. 

Lily and I headed off to an annual vintage charity sale at Como House, South Yarra. It was held in the ballroom of a 19th century mansion with the most beautiful gardens. You should have seen us, practically foaming at the mouth at the sight of such a multitude of photo ops. Which resulted in probably my most photo-heavy post to date. Both Lily and I picked up some gorgeous vintage finds at a fraction of the usual price, which totally made our day. Keep an eye out for them in coming posts! 

Cheap shopping, beautiful setting, good company - I couldn't have asked for more. (Well, not getting lost on the way there and back would have been another plus point, but you get what I mean.)  

Black Shorts with Lace trim similar here | Underground Triple Sole Creepers | White Rock Ring 
White Chiffon Top similar here | Leather Satchel (Lily's) similar here | Skull Collar Pins 
Checked Sweater similar here | Leopard Print Sunnies | Revlon Lipstick #725 Love That Red

Photo Credits to Lily: Check her out here to give her some unicorn lovin'.

- R 

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