Monday, 10 March 2014

Pastel Hues

I've always been on the fence about spring and summer in Melbourne, despite the glorious array of blooms the gardens have to offer and the cafes advertising gelato and iced coffee. If you haven't read in my previous post already, I'll have you know that I'm probably not the firmest advocate of glaring sun, heat or tanning. I'm that girl, always putting on sunscreen and scurrying into the blessed shade of trees or buildings, where there is any to be had. This is mainly because I have developed enough sweat glands for a whole mens football team, which is not ideal. 

Not entirely sure what the whole point of that paragraph was, besides providing too much information about my sweat gland activity myself. 

January through March saw the peak of the kimono trend - I honestly did not think these bathrobe lookalikes could look flattering at all, but hey, here I am, jumping on the kimono bandwagon. I must say I've been pretty attached to this item of clothing recently - it shields against the burn of the sun, and is heaps of fun to twirl in. 

My most recent adventure into the sun with this piece was to the annual Moomba Festival, held along the banks of the Yarra river. I intended to catch the evening sun, but my inner pig won out and I spent a good amount of time chowing down on a massive hotdog and a cup of hot chips, zealously guarding the latter against the throngs of little children running around. Chasing the last dredges of light, I stumbled upon this little garden  filled with beautiful blooms that matched my kimono to a tee. The delay as a result of my gluttony was actually a blessing in disguise - the warm backlight of dusk is so beautiful.

See, I knew the hotdog and chips were a good idea. 

Cotton On Paisley Print Kimono | Black cami similar here | Round Leopard print Sunnies here and here 
Zara black shorts | Steve Madden Blunna Bag | Patent Leather Creepers similar here and here
Lovisa necklace similar(ish) here and here

Photo credits: Lily ! C'mon. Go on. Show this girl some unicorn lovin'. 

- R  

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