Friday, 7 February 2014

My Life In Squares: 13/14 Summer Photodiary

Well, it does seem like every holiday I just take a one or two month unannounced hiatus from blogging. seeing as I've not put up anything besides nail posts and one sad outfit post this holiday, here's a photodiary (somewhat half assed, I apologise) in hopes of redeeming myself slowly.

Shopping has been good this summer. I have developed a rather unhealthy obsession with rompers. At the start of the holiday, I had one, and I now own six.
/The Brunch Societe X Elceed/  

 /Twenty and Six Espresso. Matchy matchy with my coffee/
/Evening food fair/ 

/Twenty and Six Espresso/

/Chez Dre/ 

/ Le Miel/ 

/Yarra River Sunsets/

/Christmas Nails X The Nail Artelier/  

/Red Pandas. Who wants one?/

/Gardens by the bay OOTD/ 

/Singapore Art Museum/

/Art exhibiton, Singapore Art Museum/


/First birthday/  

/Who knew one-year-old Rachel loved the outdoors so much?/ 

/Teahouse. The fact that this isn't straight bothers me to no end/ 

/Gardens by the bay OOTD/  

/If the world changed....?/  

/Bimba and Lola/ 

 /Helix bridge x MBS/

/Singapore skyline/ 

/Alma mater/

/ Xiao long bao goodness/ 


 /Chinese New Year nails/

/party, anyone?/ 

/a gift that's the same age as I am/ 

/My new love/

- R 

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