Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mixing in Monochrome

You know how sometimes you find someone who is a complete photocopy of your personality? Well, I guess I found mine in this little 4'11 pixie of a girl, Lily - she can vouch for the fact that our interests and habits are freakishly alike. I feel like this is the beginning of a very productive - or terrible - relationship. We are such enablers when shopping, as our wallets quickly found out, and our conversations are a never ending mix of fashion, makeup, T-swizzle and just all things girly in general.

However, unlike her penchant for brights and pastels, I have always been in love with the monochromatic ends of the color spectrum. So here is a post (one of many to come) that is dedicated to my love for the blacks and whites. I find that the best way to wear it is in different textures, so here I put together mesh, lace and pleather - materials that aren't supposed to match, but do. That's the beauty of monochrome. A spot of sparkle with a statement necklace, a pair of tinted glasses, and we're good to go.

Steve Madden Blunna bag | ZARA pleather shorts | The Editors Market lace crop top 
Another One mesh outerwear | Underground UK Triple Sole Leopard Print Creepers
Sephora Lipstick #22 | Emporio Armani Mens watch 

Photos courtesy of Lily! Check out her blog HERE to shower her with truckloads of love!

- R 


  1. Looking gorgeous Rachel! I love the swirl of different textures that bring life to this monochromatic palette.


    1. Thanks Lily! Cannot wait for your new post! <3