Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Freshly Minted

I actually had a different outfit in mind, because it has been warming up, and just yesterday Melbourne presented us with the most glorious sunny day. I was going wear the cutest paisley romper for this post in celebration of that. And what happened when I woke up this morning?

It was cold. And windy. Did I mention cold? The weather was just like: Nope. Nope. Nope. Here's a big bucket of nope.

On the other hand, it might be a while before I get to layer up on snuggly knits, so I pulled out all the pieces that have been staples in my wardrobe during the chilly bits this spring. I put on my favourite mint sweater over a fun polka dotted skater skirt and a collared blouse and paired it with my ever trusty creeper wedges.

Aaaaaand also, exams are out, and I'm scheduled to be on a plane home in four days! You have no idea how ready I am to revel in the freedom of the coming holidays, because I am so over studying and writing essays. It does promise to be a pretty happening few months ahead, with some friends from Melbourne coming down to visit and possibly an overseas trip in the early stages of planning.

So hyped, see you all real soon! :'D

P.S: I also realise I hardly smile for any of my pictures, so there's an awkward smile for you. ehehehehe.

Mint green cropped sweater similar here | polka dotted skater skirt from River Island | cateye sunnies similar here
Underground UK Wulfrun creeper wedges | Pocket Horse Medium Bag from LaPalette 

Many thanks to Jen who helped out with the photos, he instagrams @yjjenjen! 

- R 

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