Sunday, 23 June 2013

Paisley Thrills

If you haven't noticed already, my latest go to winter staple is this lovely paisley printed bomber jacket/hoodie. I was really drawn to the intricate combinations of red, burgundy, mint, and the occasional splash of yellow. It's got a beautiful satin finish with a black quilted interior that has kept me surprisingly warm for the past few weeks that have been growing colder with each day. 

Now that exams are over and I'm caught up in the whirlwind of packing to head back to Singapore, I find that this jacket is just perfect for spicing up the plain outfits that I've been throwing on in a hurry every day. 

This shoot is as spontaneous as it will get. I met up with my friend Lei, and I had a wonderful time with her catching up over brunch and relieving some exam stress. Turns out she had planned for an outfit shoot later that day and she asked me to join her. Our friend, Jen, helped us take the photos.

Lei also blogs, so check out her awesome fashion blog here to show her some unicorn lovin' !

Unplanned as it was, I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I'm not a very adventurous person and like to stick with comfort, but I enjoyed the unexpectedness of having another person doing the photo-taking and shooting with a friend.

Oh see that scrape on my knee? Don't mind it. I was just being my clumsy self. In my case, it's an actual talent. 

Paisley printed jacket from Sportsgirl | Burgundy skater skirt similar here |  Black studded bag from Steve Madden
Black chiffon top from ZARA | Statement necklace from Etsy | Underground Wulfrun Creeper Wedges

I've got to get back to my packing now, next blogpost will be up when I get back to Singapore! Happy week ahead everyone! 

 - R 

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