Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Summer, Oh Summer

Two weeks back at college and a week into the start of uni; things are just starting to fall into rhythm. When I say rhythm, I actually mean camping in the wonderfully air conditioned library everyday - regardless of whether I'm doing any work. 

"Well, Rachel, it's summer! Soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors!" You say. 

You know there's always one of those people you know who just HATE the sun. They stand/sit in any shade possible, no matter how minimal, with a huge broad rimmed hat and humongous sunglasses on. They've slathered sunscreen on every exposed inch of skin. They're also holding a huge umbrella in one hand, a mini battery operated fan in the other that's working at full speed, and sporting a VERY unamused look. 

Welcome to my life.

The trick is to go to the cheapest shops/ online stores you can find. You'll want material that's lightweight, meaning the material is also cheap - you'll get better things for much less. Save your money for something you want to invest in long term, like the perfect winter coat, a classic pair of shoes, or a versatile clutch. 

The shorts I bagged from a little pushcart store I happened to chance upon while holidaying in Malaysia, and they cost me only about 8AUD.  They're such a flattering cut in the perfect summery floral print. And the best thing? They have pockets. Pockets will change your life forever. 

I paired it with this chiffon blouse I nicked off my mom (haha), tied it together with a vintage leather belt I got at a flea market and finished it off with my brown wedges. Keeping with the floral theme, I put together my baby blue flower bracelet and a headband I made myself. Yay for crafts! 

Also, say hi to another member of my bag family - my horse backpack from Lapalette. Possibly the only backpack I'll ever carry because I think backpacks are too much trouble. It's a beautiful dusky blue with such an interesting shape and design. And I love horses, so what can I say? 

Have a great week and I sincerely hope that wherever you are, it's cooler than here. 

printed floral shorts, similar here | white chiffon blouse | vintage leather belt | Gold spike necklace
Watch by Roberge, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Faceted Daisy Bracelet from Forever21 | Lapalette horse backpack 

 Photos by the awesome Sharon Lee. Check out her Flickr!

- R 

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