Thursday, 31 January 2013


The pace of 2013 has barely picked up and already I've spent the last month or so being a sluggish, cellulite laden couch potato. Sometimes I amaze myself. In times of weakness such as this, I put on some eyeliner. It's like caffeine - pulling me out of my sorry couch potato state. I am a complete eyeliner junkie in the making (because I'm too poor to actually afford some of them). 

No really. When I feel sluggish I put on some eyeliner and it makes me feel better. Eyeliner, I swear, is amazing. 

Well, I warned you I had my head in the clouds and am a part time Unicorn.

K-Palette 24 Hour real lasting Eyeliner Tattoo
What you read up there, is exactly what you're getting out of this little brush pen liner. This liner's staying power, I tell you, is absolutely amazing. It will weather with you hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, nuclear bombings, unicorn riots and IT WILL NOT COME OFF. (disclaimer: unless in the presence of the almighty makeup remover.) 

For all you who decide you need some pictorial evidence before you believe me on this one, I actually put it through the water and rub tests, and have inserted the gifs into this blospost!!!! According to Jean - a video without the bother :) 

 photo eyeliner2_zps58535945.gif

It glides on really well and is extremely pigmented. It's also good for first timers at liquid liner because it doesn't dispense a whole blob of product like some potted liquid eyeliners and dries in just a few seconds, which makes it ok to blink.

 photo eyeliner1_zps9e106b37.gif 

I'm putting a fair amount of pressure rubbing and it does not budge an inch.

 photo eyeliner3_zps8262052e.gif 

You can actually go try this at home, put some different types of eyeliner on your hand - pencil, gel, liquid, waterproof, non waterproof - and you'll see how easily some of them just dissolve away in the running water. This K-palette eyeliner is just staying there.

"eyeliner running? Well ain't nobody got time for that." 

The best part? You can grab this for only 20SGD on Can you believe it? 20 SGD to change your life with this little pen of awesomeness. It's AFFORDABLE, unlike some of the branded stuff on the market which will have you paying through your ears and nose. Sometimes I watch beauty gurus on Youtube and I'm like: "Okay by the time I buy all the stuff you put on your face, I will be really pretty, but also homeless, bankrupt and also hungry. "

So alright now, my followers, go forth and conquer. If you still do not believe that this eyeliner will change your life, do me a favour, pull your lip over your head, and swallow it. Thank you. 

(Okay I am actually not that tech savvy. I had to google how to insert gifs into a blogpost and doing it almost gave me an aneurysm. I don't know how you all other people out there do it, because just clicking the HTML button beside the compose button is like unleashing a hydra inside my brain. I look at it. I get very scared, but I try to fight it. I cut off a few heads and feel accomplished but then more grow back. I eventually die of confusion or run away. )

- R 

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