Sunday, 2 December 2012


First year of uni has come to an end and I am also finally back home! :D While on the flight back there were no crying babies, a certain someone sitting beside me had completely no concept of personal space whatsoever.

"Hi lady, I'd really appreciate it if you took your elbow out of my face so I can eat my meal in peace. Also, please put on some socks or take your feet off the seat so your cold and slightly clammy toes don't keep brushing against my leg. I don't like your toe particles very much thank you." 

 It's great to see my family again. I didn't know how much I missed my family till I saw them waiting for me at the arrival gates. :')  Also can't wait to meet my friends again and see how they're doing. On another hand, Singapore weather is positively dreadful. It's so humid breathing is actually tiring and I'm perspiring so much I constantly smell like a gym. Up to your imagination entirely as to how I look like while typing this post. 

My latest score on the spring-summer sales is this pair of navy shorts from Forever New. I know, I know, I have one that looks almost exactly like it in black from ZARA, but how could I resist? I love the cut of the shorts, the fabric and the navy colour that's much softer than black. It hides my ridiculous pear shaped figure and it's versatile. Plus there are so many colours that can be matched with navy, but not black. Who cares if I already have a dupe in my closet? (Irrational shopaholic speaking here) 

I'm sorry it's back to my less pro photos, we'll just have to make do with my iphone camera and self timer :/ 

I paired it off with a sleeveless brown blouse and I snagged from a pushcart store; the pattern on the blouse isn't white and black, but white and navy! I've worn this blouse with black bottoms previously because the lace detailing on the collar is black, but I feel that navy suits it so much better. The cream/gold ribbon belt acts as a transition colour for the blue and brown to blend well.  Also, say hi to another member of my bag family, a square suede satchel that's a beautiful emerald green. It provides the needed contrast to prevent everything from looking too matchy-matchy.

Navy shorts from forever new similar here | Cream skinny belt similar here and here | Green suede satchel from Dip Drops
 Watch by Robergé, Geneve. Auriga Quartz | Bracelets from etsy

Add a few accessories and we're good to go with the hot Singapore weather :D

Hope everyone is going to have an amazing summer. 

- R

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