Saturday, 15 December 2012

All Things Green and Red


Hopefully everyone has plans on how to make the fullest of this year's xmas! :D 

I for one am going to spend it somewhere where the weather is horribly un-christmassy, so it seems pretty pointless for me to do a Christmas fashion post since I'd just be wearing a singlet, shorts, and hopefully an icepack on my forehead. So to make up for that I'm going to make a wishlist of green and red things to make myself (and hopefully everyone reading this) feel slightly better.

Although something is telling me it's not going to work out very well, seeing as the word here is wish-list and not have-list. 

Green and Red Christmas Wishlist!

1. Christmas Nails
this is probably the only thing I have on my wishlist. I went out with Denise to get them done just this morning. Nails are my weakness, more than anything else. My favourite are the reindeer, because they sort of look like Unicorns, but christmassy. Don't look at me like that. 

2. Red Balenciaga Classic Town Coquelicot  
Like, I can't even. I want so bad. ): 

3. Green Tea Confectionery
So I was blogsurfing and I went to Jean's  blog. WORST MISTAKE OF THIS MONTH I TELL YOU. *SHAKES FIST*.  Because I saw the pictures, and since then I've had this intense craving for green tea-related confectioneries that JUST WON'T GO AWAY. Dear waistline, you'll have to abandon all hope of coming into existence this holiday. 

4. Red Highlights 
I used to have them, and now they've faded to a light blonde. I want them back! Here's a picture from back then :D 

There are a bajillion more things I could put on this list, but unfortunately they aren't green or red, so the list ends here. I've so much planned for the holiday and been so busy lately I didn't realise till I sat down and looked at my calendar today that I've almost been home for a month. O: O: O: O: O: O: 

It just started to rain so I'm going to curl up in my bed. Plus it's already 2AM in the morning. Goodnight everyone! 

- R

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