Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Horsing Around

 If you've been following my posts and instagram (follow me @rachelmaomao), it's no secret that I am one of Lapalette's biggest fans. I've been hunting around for a black bag that's substantially larger in size than my Steve Madden one because it was too small for university. It is the perfect size and I feel that the simple unique design really brings out the playful little girl in me. How cute is it's heart shaped eye?

it's first outing was on a lunch trip with my friend, Denise, to Forty Hands, tucked away in one of the sneaky laneways in Tiong Bahru. Of course upon seeing a playground we succumbed to our inner child. We were immensely disappointed at the fact that the playground didn't have swings.

 Jeez, what kind of playground doesn't have swings?! 

Playing aside, I've known this girl since I was six. That's more than half our lives spent handling each other's nonsense - time that I think, has been very well spent.

- R 

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