Monday, 16 September 2013


I'm sorry for the shabbiness of this post, but I have finally worked my way through the torrent of work spew that's being hurled my way, and I'm going to take a break now.

So here are some visuals I put together over the past few months. The first few are from back when I was in Singapore and Malaysia. My favourite from this whole photoset is probably #3, of the old shophouse on 120 Armenian St. It belongs to a grandaunt of mine.

Fun fact: Sun Yat Sen held a badass revolutionary fundraising meeting here. 

Political fun facts aside, I really love the vintage peranakan vibe the house has to it. It's also got a courtyard that lets in sunlight as well as bedrooms upstairs with beautiful colonial style louvre windows. It's even got that smell of old parquet in some of the upstairs rooms. Go look it up on google, actually, it's pretty fascinating! (the house, I mean. Not how it smells.)

The nature spam to the end of the post is from a day trip to Dandenong with some friends from Trinity. I must admit, that though I absolutely love living in cities with lots of hustle and bustle, a quiet getaway with fresh air like this one was calming and a welcome change of scenery.

Here's wishing your Monday blues away and a good week ahead! It promises to be so for me, brunch planned on Thursday and Friday, hopefully my ASOS package arrives this week and a new post will be under way!

P.S. : Bought my first Essie nail polish - I have a feeling this is the start of an obsession that will not end well... 

- R 

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